Internship program

In order to address the challenge of lack of employability skills of the candidates, the project will provide them with the needed skills, to enable them to compete in the labor market. The project will also help them to seek job opportunities in private sector, by providing internship opportunities after undertaking detailed training courses on employability and life skills. The training is designed and delivered by a specialized company based on the real needs of the candidates and private companies.

The program objectives:

  • Provide graduates and unemployed youth with the necessary experience and skills that would enhance their marketability and employment opportunities.
  • Provide the unemployed with basic skills training and on the job training.
  • Retain most of the interns in their workplace after the internship period.

The internship programme consist of two rounds:

  • The first round will consist of 75 youth who will carry out a 6-months internship from July to December 2012.
  • The second round whereby 50 youth will carry out a 4-months internship from September to December 2012.

Application criteria
The Internship Programme is targeting youth who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Be between 18 and 26 years old ;
  • Has completed high school as a minimum, possibly holds a Diploma / Bachelor Degree or equivalent ;
  • Be resident in one of the targeted Governorates ( Madaba, Ma’an and Mafraq) ;
  • Be unemployed for two years after graduation ;
  • Have good command of the English language ;
  • Be able to use the computer (ICT literate).

First round of the internship programme
The first round of the Internship Programme was advertised in the three Governorates, in newspapers and on the UNDP website. The Application Form was made available on the UNDP website in both English and Arabic. Simultaneously, there is a need to conduct assessments of the private sector companies in the three Governorates.

Through the First Round, 208 applications were received; among which 60% were applications by females. Those applications were screened according to set eligibility criteria followed by interviews with eligible candidates in the three Governorates from 27 May to 7 June 2012.

The internship started at the beginning of July 2012 for: 21 youth in Madaba, 29 youth in Mafraq and 25 youth in Ma’an.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the UNDP and participating private sector companies in the internship programme; a Code of Conduct was signed as well by the UNDP and the selected interns.

Over 40 private sector companies and public institutions are hosting interns within the framework of the 6-months internship programme (July to December 2012). See detailed information.

Second round of the internship programme
The second round of the internship programme will take place from October to December 2012.