International Youth Day Graduation Ceremony

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), supported by the Government of Japan is implementing the “Youth Employment Generation Programme in Arab Transition countries - Jordan Component” with the coordination and cooperation of the Higher Council for Youth, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and All Jordan Youth Commission, as the project enters its second phase in the three Governorates of Madaba, Ma’an and Al-Mafraq. The Programme includes several activities and functions geared towards reducing unemployment rates among the unemployed youth, and to increase their opportunities of finding suitable employment.

The main activities of the programs that are expected to be implemented are as follows:

• Identifying a national tool that will enable youth to attain appropriate employment opportunities.

• A plan that aims to employ unemployed youth for durations of 4 months within the three Governorates of Madaba, Ma’an and Al-Mafraq in cooperation with selected private sector companies in each of the aforementioned governorates in order to empower and build the capabilities of participants and enable them entry into the labour market.

Several meetings were arranged with representatives of the private sector in the three governorates, during which cooperation means were discussed regarding the program and these private sectors, and their respective roles in creating employment opportunities for youth. The program is thus far attaining general acceptance, as it bases itself on empowering the social corporate responsibilities and mitigating unemployment rates among youth.

Within the same context, the UNDP program has organized yesterday, the 12th of August 2012, and on the occasion of the International Youth Day, a ceremony that hosted all the partners and activities of the three governorates. The ceremony included the graduation of the participants who had concluded the first phase of the program, that had started in June, 2012 and expected to conclude in December, 2012.

The total number of 75graduates had shown commitment to their assigned places of work, by the program, in cooperation with the hosting private sector entries for the duration of the 2-phase program between June and December, 2012. In this regard, 50 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed between the UNDP and institutes of both the private and public sectors in the concerned governorates, to host the interns for the 6-months interval.



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